Saturday, 26 January 2013

[#IPDiscrimination*] Kijiji says this ad is illigal

Since Kijiji as made it its goal to fuck with me here is the fucking ad!

Posted (Attempted to) in because you know I'M in fucking Montreal!

I know it's nobodies fault but, right now, if I was to learn that Kijiji's office had burned down and everyone had been trap inside I would, without shame, do the happy dance. Don't get me wrong I really like Kijiji, I've just never been able to post on the goddamn site. Also they NEVER replied to any email I've sent through their help desk.

*IP Discrimination really is a thing and it's a terrible thing in a virtual world without "border". IP Discrimination is most often linked to racism where entire nations are being block from accessing certain websites.

Update! [February 8]

Using ProXPN's VPN I was finally able to publish the ad which doesn't fit with Kijiji's policy that a user's IP must be from the same country has the page he wants to publish on since ProXPN's IP is in the US and not Canada.

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